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Frequently Asked Questions


Send emails to your potential donors through the "Email Center"

  • Login to MyHQ
  • Click "Email Center"
  • Enter in the "Your Name" field who you would like the signatory of the email to be
  • Enter your email address in "Your Email"
  • "Template" can be changed by clicking the down arrow to the right of "Test Template". To send an email the template can be set to "Blank Template"
    • If you would like to save the email to use in the future, type in the text of the email and click "Save As". Name your new email template and click "Save"
  • Enter text for the "Subject" line of the email
  • Enter text for the body of your email in the box "Include a message to your friends"
  • Enter the greetings you would like per email address. The greeting will be inserted at the top of your email. This field is used to address the person to whom you are sending the email. Greeting examples: John, John Smith, Hi John, Dear Mr. Smith, etc.
  • Enter "Recipient Email" addresses
    • Add email addresses from your address book by clicking "Address Book"
    • Click "Import Address Book"
    • Select the email service that you use to manage your address book
    • Follow the prompts (the steps are different depending on the email account being used)
    • If your email server is not listed, click "Import Wizard Help" in the top right corner of the box on the screen. A pop-up window will appear with instructions on how to retrieve your contacts.
  • When complete, click "Send"

Track your emails through "Email Summary Report"

  • Click "Email Summary Report"
  • You will see the emails that you have sent and who has received them
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