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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports & Tools

Check your current fundraising total and list of gifts

  • Choose "Gift Report"
  • Your current online fundraising total will display at the top and a list of your donors and their gifts will appear underneath

Retrieve your donors’ contact information

  • Choose "Gift Report"
  • Choose "Choose Columns" located at the top right of the list
  • Select the information needed, then click "Save"
  • If you would like to print the list, click "Printable" located at the top right of the list

Save your list of donors on your computer

  • Choose "Gift Report"
  • Choose columns to display the information you would like to save
  • Choose "Export XLS" located at the top right of the Donor List
  • Save this list as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Find your fundraising page online

  • Choose "Event Search" from the left hand navigation
  • Find your fundraiser name in the search fields

Change your password

  • Follow prompts in your confirmation email
  • If you are unable to change your password, contact your fundraising liaison. If you do not know your fundraising liaison, call 1-800-52-JIMMY

Tools to help you fundraise such as, sample fundraising letters, press releases, sponsorship letters

  • All of these materials, along with some other helpful fundraising resources and ideas are in the Event Manager Center.
    • You can gain access with the password, given by your Jimmy Fund liaison or in your confirmation email
  • Golf Tournament Resources: Any materials needed and fundraising ideas specific to golf tournaments are in the Tournament Director Center.
    • You can gain access with the password given by your Jimmy Fund Golf advocate

Website Security

Please note: Read the Jimmy Fund Privacy Policy before submitting any personal information.

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