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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Gift

Donors can contribute to my fundraiser by

  • Send donors to your personalized web page, where they can read your story, see your picture, and make a credit card gift to support your fundraiser
  • Checks payable to: "The Jimmy Fund" should be mailed to you, the event manager. Do not deposit checks into a personal or company account
  • Many companies sponsor matching gift programs, where they match gifts dollar for dollar, and sometimes double or triple match the gifts their employees give to encourage charitable giving. Remind your donors to ask their company's administrator if they have such a program. Learn more about matching gifts

Tax receipts for gifts

  • All gifts made online through the fundraising page will receive an email confirmation, which includes tax information

Received a cash gift from a donor who would like tax credit

  • Convert each cash gift into a separate money order and send it in to your Jimmy Fund liaison with the donor’s name and address. This will ensure that the donor is credited and receives a tax letter.


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